French Flag and French Technology

Latest Move By France to Attract Talent : the New French Tech Visa

Competition continues to heat up between countries seeking to gain the greatest innovative edge by attracting quality technology entrepreneurs, business founders and other talent within the technology fields. In its recent announcement, France has revealed a new French Tech Visa soon to be available through application by foreigners. This visa is specifically open to people who are citizens of countries other than those within the European Economic Area and Switzerland, as citizens from the European Economic Area and Switzerland do not require a visa in any case to work in France.

The aim of this visa is to attract three types of foreigners with knowledge, skills and involvement in technological fields: firstly, start-up and scale-up founders and employees; secondly, persons joining any one of over 100 soon-to-be-endorsed start-up or scale-up business within France; and thirdly, investors and business angels.

Successful applicants will be granted a four-year renewable visa. The visa will also mean the main applicant’s spouse will also be granted a residence permit for full, standard employment in France.  Additionally for the holder of the new visa type, no work permit is required for any work performed as an employee.  And the new visa will include fast-tracking of applications to bypass normal, lengthier procedures.