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Launch of Business Innovation Magazine

Today, GlobalEyes Australia has launched an online Business Innovation Magazine.™

Business Innovation Magazine is focused on communicating stories of technological advancements, progressive businesses taking part in the fast pace of a world undergoing enormous changes, and industries adapting to the dynamics of economies, and societies, under a multitude of pressures both from outside and within.

We aim to highlight the successes of organisational adaptation and advancement, the new services and products that businesses operating in a local and global environment bring to market. New ideas implemented can become game-changers and send other businesses racing to catch up. Innovative services can considerably revolutionise how people interact, with each other and with organisations.  This is a dynamic world.

We will showcase industries where innovation plays a part in the progress, and at times even survival, of the players in the industry. No industry is exempt now from the need to find new ways of doing things, new products and services and techniques and technologies to meet and create the ever evolving desires and needs of people.

Governments, too, play their part in innovation.  Changing technologies can open opportunities for new ways for governments to deliver their services to the people and organisations they serve.  Governments can also be instrumental in providing a nation’s or region’s infrastructure and also in creating the circumstances or environment in which specific industries can gain an initial foothold, flourish, or recover from a stumble. In a competitive world, countries, not just companies, compete for access to trade markets and how countries as a whole develop and access technologies, new ways of thinking, and indeed new organisational and financial structures, can be critical to business outcomes.

This is just the tip of the total.  There’s so much to explore in a world of business innovation.  Come and explore it with us here at Business Innovation Magazine.


Lloyd Conrade

Lloyd Conrade

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