The ExCel Centre in London

The International Food and Drink Event (IFE), is the largest food and drink trade show in the United Kingdom. It takes place every two years. The latest such event, IFE 2017, was held in Excel, London over four days from Sunday, 19 March 2017 to Wednesday, 22 March 2017 and showcased over 1350 food and beverage suppliers from around the world.

A significant highlight within the IFE 2017 programme was the third annual World Food Innovation Awards 2017. Through the awards, food manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses, from small single-owner enterprises through to large corporations operating across multiple continents, receive recognition for their innovatory concepts, creations, packaging and even environmental responsibility with their food and beverage products and services.

The World Food Innovation Awards 2017 recognised innovation across 23 separate award categories. The finalists and award winners in the various categories are:


Category Place Entrant / Organisation Product / Service / Concept
Best Food Concept Winner  Onion Jo  Onion Jo
 Finalist CP Foods UK  Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillet
 Finalist  Jimini’s  Whole Seasoned Insect Snacks
 Finalist  Thrive on Five  5-a-day Dish
Best Foodservice or Catering Innovation Winner T-Sticks by Innovashion T-Sticks
Finalist Gem Smokers & Woodchips Cooking & Flavouring Food Totally Naturallly
Finalist Matok Vkal New Meringue Kiss 3D Sweetener
Finalist Vierra Pumpkin Sweet Potato Burger
Best Snacking Innovation Winner  Jimini’s  Energy and Protein Bars made with Cricket Flour
Finalist  CP Foods UK  Taste Inc 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillet
Finalist  Dawn Meats  Fori Piri Piri Chicken Bar
Finalist  Hippeas  Organic Chickpea Puffs
Finalist  iRaw Healthy Habits  Green Healthy Snacking
Finalist  Matok Vkal  New Meringue Kiss 3D Sweetener
Best Convenience Food Innovation Winner  Tuk in Foods  Curry in a Naan
Finalist  Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen  Junior Foodies Frozen Meals
Finalist  Soupologie  Swavoury: Pea, Edamine & Cashew
Finalist  Fuel10K  Quark with Fruit
Best Health Food Winner  LoveRaw
Finalist  Ice Cream Treats Yomega3 Greek Style Frozen Yogurt
Finalist  Hormel Foods  Vital Cuisine
Finalist  Mindful Bites  Brazil Nut & Cacao Nibs Nut Butter
Finalist  NewTree Fruit Company  De-sugared Fruit Juice
Finalist  Rushdi Food Industries  Mighty Sesame
Best Artisan Product Winner Lily Kerridge Coffee Something Stronger Than Coffee
Finalist Beyond Water Honey and Cranberry Water
Finalist Nutural World Chocolate Halva Spread
Finalist Xie Xie Formosa Ooolong Tea Making Philosophy
Best Free-From Food Winner ICI&LA Vegan Organic Frozen Steaks / Balls / Nugets Free from Animal Protein
Finalist Booja-Booja Incredibly Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream
Finalist Cocofina Coconut Amino Soya Sauce Alternative
Finalist DragesBaek Organic Vegan Spreadable
Finalist Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein
Finalist Ready Raw Vegan & Raw, Organic Bagel Chips
Best Children’s Food Winner Claudi & Fin Minis
Finalist Annabel Karmel Frozen Kids Meals
Finalist BKD Baking Kits for Kids
Finalist Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen Junior Foodies Frozen Meals
Finalist Little Dish Pots & Pies
Best Confectionery Innovation Winner The Solid Chocolate Company Solid Chocolate Eggs
Finalist Chuao Chocolatier The Firecracker Bar
Finalist Cakely Spirugar
Finalist Gato & Co Puddings
Best Brand Extension or Limited Edition Winner Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn Marmite Popcorn
Finalist Shaken Udder Yoghurt Range
Finalist The Naked Marshmallow Company Marshmallow Gin & Vodka
Best Beverage Concept Winner Expressate (Cuida-te Tea & Coffee) One Cup Pyramid Coffee Filters
Finalist Jeeva Natural UK Ltd First Organic Fresh Turmeric – King Coconut Water
Finalist Lily Kerridge Coffee Something Stronger Than Coffee
Finalist QikVin Wine Preservation Space-age Moving Punt
Finalist Victor’s Drinks Ltd Make Your Own Apple Cider
Finalist Yumcha Drinks No More Tea Bags
Best New Brand or Business Winner Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen Junior Foodies Frozen Meals
Finalist Mindful Bites Cashew Nut Butter & Baobab Crunchy Bites
Finalist Piccolo Foods Piccolo Organic Baby Food
Finalist Rushdi Food Industries Mighty Sesame
Finalist Tea Rex The World’s First Fresh Fruit and Root Infusion
Best Great British Product Winner Hilfarm Oils Hilfarm / Aspall Dress and Dip Set
Finalist Mr Trotter’s Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Sausalami
Finalist Salubrious Sauce Co British Breakfast Sauce
Best Frozen Food Winner Poptails & Dreams Poptails
Finalist Claudi & Fin Minis
Finalist Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen Junior Foodies Frozen Meals
Best Organic Food Winner DragesBaek Organic Vegan Spreadable
Finalist Auga Group Auga Organic Foods
Finalist Healthy Planet DasElis
Finalist The Soul Food Collective The Soul Food Collective Range
Best Clean Label Initiative Winner Pure Maple 100% Golden Delicate Maple Syrup
Finalist Nutural World Hazelnut and Carob Spread
Finalist Fresh Organic Products Aqua Carpatica
Best Packaging Design Winner Ardagh & Duerr Unique Citrus Jar
Finalist Auga Group Auga Organic
Finalist Berlin Packaging Moreno Cedroni Jams and Marmalades
Finalist Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn
Finalist ProAmpac E-Z SnackPak
Finalist ProAmpac Farmhouse Culture Organic Kraut
Best Convenience of On-The-Go Packaging Winner T-Sticks by Innovashion T-Sticks
Finalist Innovative Blending Smoothie Vending Machine
Finalist ProAmpac E-Z SnackPak
Best Technology Innovation Winner Innovative Blending Smoothie Vending Machine
Finalist NewTree Fruit Company De-sugared 100% Fruit Juice
Finalist OAL April the Robotic Chef
Best Ingredient Innovation Winner Just A Splash Bring Out the Chef in You
Finalist Holy Lama Naturals Spice Drops
Finalist Salt of the Earth Mediterranean Umami
Best Waste-Saving Initiative Winner W-Cycle The Hotray
Finalist Snact Surplus-Sourced Fruit Jerky in Compostable Packaging
Finalist Yeo Valley Apple and Custard Left-Yeovers Yogurt
Best Social Responsibility Initiative Winner Sacoma Kenya Sweet Potatoes Innovative Healthy Products
Finalist HCM Development Greening the Desert of Sahara and Beyond
Finalist Hormel Foods Vital Cuisine



Lloyd Conrade

Lloyd Conrade

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