New Zealand Entry to Auckland Harbour

New Zealand Visa Category to Encourage Entrepreneurs

The Government of New  Zealand has just announced a new visa category to encourage entrepreneurs to move to New Zealand. The Entrepreneur Work Visa is a three-year work visa specifically for people who wish to buy or establish their own business in NZ.

This visa consists of two successive stages, the Start-Up Stage for the twelve months during which the applicant must buy or start-up a business in New Zealand, and, if subsequently approved, the Balance Stage for the duration of the remaining twenty-four months.  Approval for the Balance Stage depends upon being able to sufficiently provide evidence that you have established and are operating your own business.

Unless specifically waived, there is a requirement that holders of the Entrepreneur Work Visa invest a minimum capital of NZD$100,000. Eligibility for the visa also depends upon passing a minimum of 120 points in a specified point-scoring scale that seeks to measure both the potential for success of the proposed business and the benefits to New Zealand.

The Entrepreneur Work Visa may act as a stepping stone towards gaining residency status in New Zealand if followed by an Entrepreneur Residence Category visa.


Credit for Incorporated Photo : Auckland Harbour by Ronnie Macdonald